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Newcomer KAIBA signs with Island Records / Universal Music

From Bremen, Germany straight to the USA! It only took KAIBA a few weeks to generate millions of streams with his track “Overdose”. Additionally, to all that success “Overdose” evolved into a hype on the popular video community app TikTok!

KAIBAs unique dark music style, a mix of rap, hip-hop, metal and hardcore has put him right on the map as one of the most interesting and intriguing upcoming artists of 2019. The next level has already begun: KAIBA just signed with Island Records / Universal Music.

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The man behind KAIBA is Jesse B. from Bremen, a city state in Northern Germany. The former front man of a hardcore band always had a penchant for dark underground hip-hop sounds from the US and was inspired by artists like GHOSTEMANE and the $ UICIDEBOY $. To melt all these styles together KAIBA has created his very own genre. The mix of rap-flows, metal-power and energetic hardcore is what he calls NEW H – the sound of a new generation that consciously breaks the boundaries of genres.


With his first single “Overdose” KAIBA is presenting his melting pot of styles like a gritty sledge hammer to all senses. 1 minute and 37 seconds of atonal bass massacre, demonic whispering flows and bloodcurdling Adlibs give the listener goose bumps …to the skullcap. The track gained international fame thanks to the video community TikTok, where it spent more than four weeks in the charts and easily made the leap into the Spotify Viral Charts. Nobody sounds like KAIBA. Nobody is serving this extraordinary straight-into-your-face sounds like KAIBA does. “Overdose” is just the beginning.

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